Boots are the new pants

I lost my pants. Well, I lost the four pairs I own. They're probably in a bag somewhere in my mom's basement, but whatever. I never liked wearing pants anyway, so I'm taking this loss as a sign from the universe. No more pants. In their place, these thigh-high boots. If you have thicker legs, you know finding over-the-calf boots can be just as much of a challenge as buying denim. This pair is from DSW and they are super comfortable.

I've been feelin' those 70's vibes, so I paired them with this $7 suede skirt, a dying crown of orange dahlias, and a ton of silver from Karavan: Treasures from Turkey, located in the Short North. Happy fall! Now go wear your skirts and suede before it's too late!

Peace and love,


Photos © Elizabeth Watts.