January In Review

January has been busy for Flowerheads! I've been shooting our Spring Collection, finishing our new bridal crowns with hand-painted flowers, and booking weddings and festivals for the coming year. (Full details soon!) Tomorrow, I'm modeling some headgear for a few of Columbus' most talented wedding photographers. I can't wait to share everything!

January is also the time of year when I typically get that winter sadness. (Anyone else?) Between my schedule and the bipolar Midwest weather, I've barely been sad. As any Flowerhead knows, the time of year without flowers is always the hardest. So, I make a point to find some bright and fresh inspiration every day. I've been living vicariously through a few Instagrams: My sister (@pizzapidgeon), who has been on vacation since Thanksgiving, and my best friend (@sharimoses), who lives in Hawaii and hikes through paradise every day. I've started painting and journaling again, which I find super therapeutic. And I'm prepping for summer with some retro fashion and floral Pinspiration. How are you staying positive this winter?

Peace and flowers,