Boho Badass

There's something about wearing a bandana that gives me a little boost of bad-bitch confidence. Probably because I feel like an outlaw... and my grandpa. He always carried a handkerchief and he didn't put up with any shit. Tying on a scarf is the perfect way to add a little edge to any outfit. You can wear it so many ways: rolled up, hangin' loose, as a head scarf, on your wrist, attached to a bag or belt loop, etc. And you can pick up a four-pack, with every color, for under $10 at any supermarket. It's the perfect summer accessory: cheap, easy, accessible, versatile, attitude-boosting, and you can blow your nose in it! 

I'm going to live in this chambray maxi skirt all summer. It's really comfortable and it goes with everything. I paired it with chunky heels, a black belt and a stone bracelet for a more structured boho look. What's your favorite attitude-boosting accessory for summer? Share your style with us on Instagram with #weareflowerheads.

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Photography: Elizabeth Watts

Skirt: Lulu's

Shirt: Forever 21

Sunnies: Kate Spade

Shoes: Coach

Bag: Old Navy (Similar)

Bandana: Meijer