"Are those real?"


I'm flattered you asked!

My name is Katie, and I love flowers. I love wearing them, growing them, picking them, smelling them, arranging them, photographing them, putting them on people, things, animals, etc. To me, nothing feels more whimsical than wearing a beautiful piece of nature. It's not just an accessory, but a reminder to stay grounded, to be gentle and kind because life is fragile. To live in the sun and take care of what you love. Flowerheads is a happy place. It's the idea that you can stay true to yourself, live with an open and curious mind, and connect with nature, every day, in everything you do.

Flowerheads is, more literally, an event florist and lifestyle brand based in Columbus, Ohio.

At Flowerheads, we love Earth, so we use organic, sustainably-grown flowers. We support the Slow Flower movement and hope to highlight the importance of growing, shopping and giving local. (What's up, Columbus?!) We strive to make our artificial designs as natural-looking as possible and try to use exclusively US-made materials. As part of the Flowerheads' mission, we support equal rights and choose to buy from, and work with, like-minded individuals and businesses.

 J. Hannah Photography

J. Hannah Photography

Signs you're a Flowerhead:

You aren't afraid to be yourself. Your style is true-to-you; not to trends or traditions.
Your Pinterest is more boho than blinged-out.
Your theory on flowers and friends is the same: the more the merrier!

Welcome, you're a Flowerhead!

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